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Website Or Blog-Which Do You Need For Your Business?

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Website or blog-which do i need for my business? This is question that is always asked by new bloggers or business owners. The choice of what to use depends on the purpose for which you want to use it for. Read on while we answer the question for ourselves.website_or_blog

Most time so many people often use the term “website” and “blog” interchangeable assuming that the both term have the same meaning. Let’s look at the definition of a website and also the definition of a blog, and then we will know if the both term have the same meaning.

Website and Blog

Website: A website (static) literally can be defined as a webpage that has static pages as its home page, about page and product page with a static content in it. The word static is used because the content is not updated on a regular basis and they simply don’t follow a chronological order.

Sometimes, most people do integrate a blog within the pages of the website (or domain).


The idea behind this is that search engines love fresh content and the content of your blog get’s indexed by search engines daily (depending on your configuration). So when people search the web and are directed to your article, after reading your article and they find it interesting, then you are sure they are just one click away to your homepage.

Blog: While a blog according to Wikipedia is (a short form of the expression web log) an information or discussion site that consists of random entries called “posts” that is usually updated with fresh content regularly which follow a chronological order and the languages used on a blog are often easier to understand and also a blog allow for commenting with the basic intention of engaging its readers.

There are many more definitions to both website and blog, but from the above definitions you can clearly see that a website displays a static content in no chronological order while blogs display fresh contents from the newest to the oldest, list order or even randomly (depending on your configuration).

So If you are among those who have been looking for a means or measure to express themselves online, share thoughts, promote a product, brand or a company, either you want to talk about yourself, your hobby, your work life experience, your happy or sad times as either a single or a married parents, you want to share some information on mobile technology and specification, auto technology, science, religion, politics, news, insurance, real estate, fashion and designs, photography, habits and how to stop / grow them, ways of life and what have you, then I strongly recommend that you need a blog.

Tip: Starting up a blog isn’t much of a big deal as many have assumed it to be. Blog can be setup within 10-20 minutes or less and the next is you are up and running (posting content).

But if you have a product or you work for an organization, company, church, and so on, and you want to create an online presence for your organization or company, then I recommend that you use website for your project and it is also a good idea if you integrate a blog in your domain as well which I have highlighted the benefit of that above.

I believe that at this point and based on what we have discussed above, I have been able to help you make a choice between website or blog which do you need to start your business?

It’s Your Turn: Now it’s your turn, I will like to know your thought about what we have discussed above and also tell me other factors I didn’t remember to add before choosing either a blog or a website.

About Philip Okechukwu

Philip Okechukwu is a Wordpress blogger and a freelance writer. Connect with us via our social media links.


  1. Hi Okechukwu,

    I am glad that someone took the time to address this point, as they really are two different things. Each one serves its own goals, however in today’s content driven search results and internet, I would recommend any business to add a blog to their site.
    Amiti recently posted…4 Tips for Product DevelopmentMy Profile

    • Hello Amiti,

      Yes the two terms are really different and they also serve a different purpose aswell and it is also a wise idea for any business to integrate a blog to their site, that is because blogs are always indexed frequently by search engines crawlers thereby making the domain name look and remain fresh and we all know that search engine loves fresh content.

      Thank you Amiti for taking your time to come around my blog

  2. I think Website is the best for Business; but now days WordPress is get platform with blog. Where we can get the static homepage and it looks like Static Website.
    It is easy to manage. From my point view WordPress is the Good platform for business. :)
    Nikhil recently posted…Moma Scholarship – Profile

    • Hello Nikhil

      Yes i also recommend website for business purposes and blogs for personal / product promoting.

      WordPress is a great content management platform which was initailly developed for blogging purposes, but as time went on wordpress have been updated in such a way that it can also be used to design a website and most people without the knowledge of codes simply rely on these content management platforms to develop their sites.

      So i agree with you that wordpress is really good for designing both blog and website since it is flexible and easy to set up and manage.

      Thank you for coming around.

  3. A very brilliant comparison Philip,
    Both a website and a blog are great but, it all depends on what you want. They are also related in so many ways but over all, people tends to prefer blogs these days because of how easy its maintenance is.

    But, choosing the one you will use for your business depends on the type of business you’re doing and something, its good to have both a website and a blog for your business if you can afford and maintain them.

    Thanks for sharing my man,.
    Theodore Nwangene recently posted…Attention! Never Force Yourself To Blog Whenever You’re In These Kind Of SituationsMy Profile

    • Hey my man,

      Its nice having you here again. The idea of a blog and a website depends on the purpose for which you want to use it(just like i said above).

      yes people will prefare blog because that is what they need, but you know: a blog cannot take the place of a website.So it still depends on the purpose for which it is intended to serve. The idea of a blog and a website together still remain the best.

      Thanks so much for coming around

  4. Hi Philip,
    You very well presented the difference between blog and website,
    Each stands with its on features. I have few blogs and recently i opted
    for a new domain of my own and it is still under construction. Yes, as
    you mentioned a blog can create in less time whereas a web takes its
    own time, LOL. and maintaining it too is a bit difficult if its a website
    whereas a blog can easily manage LOL
    Anyways thanks for the tips
    I am here for the first time
    Keep writing
    will come again to check in
    Philip Verghese ‘Ariel’ recently posted…Yet Another Day To Talk About LOVE – Yes! Love Is In The Air Again!!My Profile

    • Hello Philip,

      You are highly welcome to my blog and i also wish that we become freinds, since we have one thing in common( our name) :)

      A website and a blog are different . A blog is eay to setup and maintain but that is not usually the case with a website. Congratulations for your new website : if there is any thing i can do to add my little help to the development of your website either thoughts or suggestions please dont hesitate to let me know.

      Once more you are welcome and thanks for coming around.

  5. Hi Philip,

    Informative post indeed :)

    Yes, there is a huge difference between a website and a blog, just as you mentioned. More so, blogs are places where there is high level of interaction (if you are really good with comments!) and movement because they are unlike sites that are static and lie dormant once made.

    Making a blog is easy, but running it and maintaining is what takes a lot of time, effort, patience, and hard work, isn’t it? I think sites work well where you need to portray your work or have something to offer or sell, though blogs can also be worked out just like that nowadays as you can combine them both in one if you want.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice weekend :)
    Harleena Singh recently posted…Why Use Social Media Signals and How They Impact Search Engine RankingMy Profile

  6. Hello Harleena,

    I am so happy that you are here commenting on my blog.

    Indeed there is a huge difference between both blog and a website. A website is for interaction or simply put engagement where people can share their thoughts and opinion and like you said for people who are good in interractions because i have also a seen a blog with the comment section disabled.

    Developing a website isn’t much of a fun, but after the develpoment stage one has less work to do in terms of maintianace,but that is the opposite in the case of a blog. Setting up a blog is easy but maintaining it needs enough effort, patience and hardwork just like you said.

    Combining both is still the best. Thanks so much for coming around and i hope to see you more often.

  7. Hi Philip,

    As you said, a blog or a website, it all depends about what you’re doing.

    When you think blog, you have to remember that you need to update it with new content at least once a week, and in order to do that you have to have a purpose to create content.

    Even though I do believe that just about any entity could have a blog and grow from it, if your business is a mom and pop small biz and you don’t really have anything to writer about week after week, then a website might be better for you.
    Sylviane Nuccio recently posted…How Can You Become A Better WriterMy Profile

  8. Hi Philip

    You are right they are different and serve different purposes. But for the general public that has no knowledge just telling them you have a website, that is what they understand. If you tell them you have a blog, they look at you with a blank look.

    For those that want to know what they need to create for what they are building a site for is really important and I think you have described it exactly what one needs for what they are trying to accomplish. Of course you can still build a blog and keep it hidden until and if you decide to use it differently. So unless a business is totally defined what they want to do that would be an option.

    Mary Stephenson recently posted…What is Team Work?My Profile

  9. Greetings! Very helpful advice within this post! It is the little changes that will make the biggest changes. Thanks a lot for sharing!

  10. Many traditional companies in Africa have been rather slow to join the blogging business. Yet content marketing is all the rave these days. Nice post.
    Isaac recently posted…iFufu: The Revolutionary New App Taking Kumasi & Ghana By StormMy Profile

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