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Installing Large Sized Theme

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Most times installing a theme via the wordpress admin (dashboard) may be a problem especially when it has to do with a theme that has a very large file size.

large theme

Some custom made themes, e-commerce themes, responsive themes fall into the categories of large file sized themes due to the fact that they integrate the function of other plugins such as the portfolio plugins, contact plugins, logo plugins, testimonial plugins, slider plugins and so many other plugins and features that add up to increase the file size of the theme.

In this situation, there is another method which you can still use to achieve the goal of installing your theme.

Meanwhile, some of the methods of installing themes are:

1. Installing via admin search panel

2. Installing via uploading

3. Installing via ftp client

But in this tutorial I will be teaching you how to install any theme via the ftp client method.

Follow the steps below and you should install a large theme correctly.

1. Download any ftp client software. In this tutorial I used the filezilla ftp client. So I will suggest that you also use the same to avoid been lost along the way.


 Download the latest version of filezilla ftp client from here.

After download is complete, install the ftp client software and run it.

2. I believe that before now your theme should be ready and placed on your desktop.

You need to unzip you theme from its zipped archive and after unzipping it should be in a folder with the name of the theme written on the folder.

 3. Input your host (domain name), username and password into the login area of the ftp client software


 4. Click on the quickconnect button. If your username and password is correct you should get a notification “directory listing successful”.


5. Locate the directory where you want to get the theme installed by navigating from your local directory to the server directory of the ftp client.


6. Once you are done locating the directory, you can use the copy and paste method or you can use the drag and drop method to upload the theme.

The uploading time depends on your file size, and you should also see a progress bar by the lower left corner of the ftp client software.

Once you are done with the upload, you should check to see if any upload was notified as failed: if any, you double click on it, it will pop up a dialogue screen asking you the action you want to take, select the action you want to take and wait for the transfer to be successful.

Then exit the client software and return to your wordpress admin panel.

Navigate to appearance-theme, there you should see the just uploaded theme.

Click on activate to activate the installed theme.


Was this useful to you? Then don’t forget to leave a comment and also share this with your friends.

Remember, there is so much love in sharing.

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  1. If only you can upload it in a zip file. That’d be easier.
    Madeleine Giorgio recently posted…My Latest PostMy Profile

    • Hi Madeleine, yes you can also install a theme via the zip upload method and that is the easy method,
      just that sometimes it show the error or broken theme message.

      In my next article i will be showing the other methods of installing / uploading a theme.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Nice. Gotta try this method.
    Jennifer Kimberley recently posted…Knee Injury Solution Complete Program – $19My Profile

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