There are a lot of valuable things that you may have in and around your house. Amidst the things that will garner you the most money, if you were to sell or use for collateral is precious metal. Precious metals can garner you a great deal of money, and can be more valuable than paper money in some instances.

PawnIf you have any type of option that may be of value, you may want to look into pawning things for sale or for lending. With that in mind, you may want to look into what can offer you, as they can provide you with a solution that not only gives you top dollar for your precious metals, but does so in a quick, and easy manner. In order to get the most out of your items, you should consider what they accept, and what garners the most money today.

Look For Jewelry First

Before you look into pawning anything, make sure that you look through your drawers and closet for jewelry. You need to look at shape, size, and condition. You can get top dollar for items if they are pure gold, silver, or platinum. The thing about them, is that they should be pure. Plated items can garner you a little money, but the real money is found in the items that are heavy, and pure. The purity of the items can be assessed at a later time, but you should consider the weight, size, and shape. Even broken items can work here, so make sure that you consider it at first glance.

Flatware and Tea Sets

Moving forward, you may be interested in knowing that old silverware and tea sets could garner you a great deal of money as well. Many people don’t realize just how much these items retail for. The items that you need to focus on are silver items and options that are in fact sterling silver and not stainless steel. Today, a lot of flatware is made of stainless steel or metals that are not as valuable as the past. Look for flatware and full tea sets that include sterling silver items, and you could have a big financial element on your hands.

U.S Coins

If you’re a collector of coins, you could get a great deal of money for them, and in some instances a lot more than the face value of the coin itself. The thing about these is that they have to be either uncirculated and pure gold, silver, or platinum. They may also be in circulation, but they need to be rare items, with pure elements found in them.


The rare items such as pure copper pennies, wheat pennies from certain years, gold pieces, and dimes that can be picked up by magnets are all interesting rarities that could garner you a great deal in trade in value. Of course, gold and silver options are going to pay off dividends as well, so make sur that you consider those as you look into coins that you may have around.

When In Doubt

As you look through your drawers, closet, and other areas in your home, make sure that you consider what options are in fact precious metals. You may be surprised by what you find, and if you don’t know what things are, or perhaps if they are of a value, get them appraised. You’ll be surprised by what you may have, and what is worth money and what isn’t. Things also don’t need to be whole, as diamonds, gold, silver, and scraps can be valuable. Broken, unworn, and scrap precious metals can still garner a great deal of money.

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