Wednesday , 27 August 2014

Website Or Blog-Which Do You Need For Your Business?


Website or blog-which do i need for my business? This is question that is always asked by new bloggers or business owners. The choice of what to use depends on the purpose for which you want to use it for. Read on while we answer the question for ourselves. Most time so many people often use the term “website” and “blog” ... Read More »

What you ought to know about social media marketing


Social media marketing networks have really improved the internet tremendously and have been proven to have great importance in marketing of online content. Recommended Reading: Website Or Blog-Which Do You Need For Your Business? Some bloggers and even company product marketers still ignore these important facts about social media networks while others are embracing the change that these media has brought forth. ... Read More »

Installing Large Sized Theme

large theme

Most times installing a theme via the wordpress admin (dashboard) may be a problem especially when it has to do with a theme that has a very large file size. Some custom made themes, e-commerce themes, responsive themes fall into the categories of large file sized themes due to the fact that they integrate the function of other plugins such ... Read More »

Welcome-Introduction To Action Blogging


Hello and welcome to my blog-Action Blogging. Since this is my first post, I’m going to make it to be an introductory post of myself, my blog(action blogging), my aim & objectives and also what I intend to achieve. Some of you may be wondering, who is this new guy? My name is Philip Okechukwu and I love seeking out ... Read More »

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